General Information


We will try to apply the Royal College of Radiologists after fixing the program.


Participants and accompanying persons receive individual name badges when registering at the congress. Name badges must be worn at all times throughout the congress and social functions.

Climate and weather forecast

Average maximum temperatures in May are between 14-24 degrees Celsius. Rainy season starts from the beginning of June. We hope it does not start earlier.


The congress Dinner requires lounge suit/cocktail, all other occasions casual.

Congress language

The official congress language is English. Please note that no simultaneous interpretation will be provided.

Corresponding address


The official currency of Japan is Yen (¥;JPY). Major credit cards are widely accepted, but always check before sitting down for dinner. There are plenty of cash dispensers (ATMs) throughout the city.


Wednesday May 25th - Sunday May 29th, 2011


Electricity is supplied at 100 V - 60 Hz.


Coffee and tea during the official breaks are included in the registration fee of the participants.

Hotel accommodation

We think the cheapest booking of accommodation may be through internet. We offer the hotel accommodation booking on-line in our website (under construction) with a reasonable hotel rate.

Industry exhibition - opening hours

The exhibition is located on the basement 2nd floor in the International Conference Center Hiroshima and is open from Wednesday morning, May 25th to Sunday, May 29th, 2011, following the session time table.


The congress organizers cannot accept liability for injuries or losses arising from accidents or other situations during or as a consequence of the congress. Participants are advised to arrange health and accident insurance prior to travelling to the congress.

Non-smoking policy

Smoking is strictly prohibited in the International Conference Center Hiroshima at all times.

Registration desk - opening hours

Registration desks are located at the International Conference Center Hiroshima and will be open as from Wednesday May 25th, throughout the congress.

Hiroshima Airport

The centre of Hiroshima is within 1 hour from the airport.

Hiroshima Station

If you take the bullet train, Shinakan-sen, it takes 1 hour and half from Shin-Osaka station, and 4 hours from Tokyo station.

Time zone

In May, Japan time is GMT + 9 hours.


All sessions are held at the International Conference Center Hiroshima; The International Conference Center Hiroshima is located in the center of the city.
The venue is easily reached by public transport. For information about the International Conference Center Hiroshima, including how to reach the International Conference Center Hiroshima, please visit website
1-5 Nakajima-cho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima 730-0811 Japan ( In the Peace Memorial Park )

Visa/letters of invitation

Letters of invitation required, to meet the administrative and legal regulations for visas for participants from certain countries, are available upon written request addressed to the Congress Secretariat. Such documents will not result in the organizers waiving registration fees.

Easy Japanese conversation for your immediate use!

Japanese.pdfFollowings are easy Japanese conversation for your immediate use.
You can memorize such or you may print out for your use in Japan.
As Japanese people feel friendly to foreigners who speak Japanese with difficulty, please try to contact with Japanese people through Japanese. You may have a lively conversation with Japanese people.
We welcome your participation in an ""IADMFR2011"".


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What's New

'11.05.16…Final Abstract Book
'11.05.16…Final Program and Schedule
'11.04.14…The early registration is extended to April 25th.
'11.03.31…From the President
'11.03.31…The early registration is extended 2 weeks.
'11.03.22…Program and schedule (draft1)
'11.01.31…Research Award Finished
'11.01.31…Submit Abstract Closed
'11.01.13…Deadline for Abstract Acceptance
'10.11.15…Travel Grants Finished
'10.11.04…Registration Online
'10.11.04…Social Program
'10.11.04…Post Congress Events
'10.10.15…Invited Speakers
'10.09.01…Travel Grants
'10.09.01…Registration Info
'10.06.29…Deadlines and Updates
'10.05.10…Introduce Hiroshima
'10.04.19…Introduce Hiroshima

About the concept of

The main stream of the concept of this logo is the flag of Japan. Red and white are used. The right IADMFR logo is imaged as the red center circle of Japanese flag, which means the sun. The sunshine pours a lot of radiations. In the white background, you can see a dove and Torii. Torii is a Japanese word, which means a gate of a shrine. This Torii is the symbol of Miyajima, one of the 2 world heritages in Hiroshima. Miyajima is the name of a holly island, which has Itsukushima Shinto Shrine, the main attraction of Aki no Miyajima, long known as one of Japan's "three beauty spots.
The LOGO means “Radiation and Peace” in Hiroshima!

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