Dear friends, delegates, distinguished IADMFR members and non-members, accompanying persons,

On behalf of the organizing committee, I want to express our heartfelt thanks to the participants of the 18th International Congress of Dentomaxillofacial Radiology.
All of you gave us your sympathy to the people who suffered from the great Higashi-Nihon earthquake. I believe they will overcome this difficulty and we will make a continuous support together with the friends all over the world.
In spite of these hard conditions, many people visited Hiroshima Congress. We really appreciate your participation. In the beginning I became the president-elect, I planned the schedule in the beginning of August, closely to the anniversary day of Hiroshima bombing. Then I realized it must be very hot, some people will fall down with the heat. I suggested changing it to the end of May, best climate of Japan! During the congress, the rainy season started, 2 weeks earlier as usual. The last day the typhoon came which I didn’t invite. Anyway before and after the congress, the climate was best or better. During the excursion to the Miyajima island, it was cloudy and rainy. When the group photos were taken, you were asked to shut your umbrellas. It was a fanny experience and memorable. I enjoyed the Miyajima tour photographing.
I hope everyone enjoyed the congress, not only scientific sessions but also events. I want to thank all the stuffs to support our congress. Finally I want to thank to my wife, Kayoko, for supporting me for a long time.
I hope all the participants increased the number of friends and came home with happy memories!
Thank you very very very much.

Best regards from Hiroshima,

Keiji Tanimoto, the president of 18th ICDMFR

Group photos

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Hiroshima report


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The main stream of the concept of this logo is the flag of Japan. Red and white are used. The right IADMFR logo is imaged as the red center circle of Japanese flag, which means the sun. The sunshine pours a lot of radiations. In the white background, you can see a dove and Torii. Torii is a Japanese word, which means a gate of a shrine. This Torii is the symbol of Miyajima, one of the 2 world heritages in Hiroshima. Miyajima is the name of a holly island, which has Itsukushima Shinto Shrine, the main attraction of Aki no Miyajima, long known as one of Japan's "three beauty spots.
The LOGO means “Radiation and Peace” in Hiroshima!

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